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(Computer Aided Design)

Using state of the art software, we are able to create designs with a precision not available by traditional methods.  In addition, with computer generated renderings you will be able to see what the final piece will look like and show it to you clients before any manufacturing is ever done.  This saves you time as well as money by making all corrections in the design stage. 

The Process

1: Initial Design

This step can typically be completed within 48 business hours, depending on the complexity of the design.  The more details you give us up front, the quicker we can get a design to you to show your clients.

2: Photo Realistic Renderings

Once we complete the CAD, we render the design into photo quality images and email them to you, along with technical shots.  We can send you variable renderings in different metals and gemstones.  This makes it extremely easy to show your clients what the final outcome will look like.

CAD Renderings

CAD Renderings

3: Final Production

Once the CAD is approved by you and your client, we can have the finished product available within 3 weeks.

In addition, when we are doing your product photography we can take care of the photo shoot as soon as the final ring is ready.  This allows you to get the final product on your clients hands or in your showcase much quicker than if you had to ship it elsewhere for that service.



From design, to render, all the way to completion is 3 weeks.

From design, to render, all the way to completion is 3 weeks.