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Kenneth Gamble

Kenneth handles everything regarding custom work, diamond and large gemstone, and laser engraving.

Jay Dean Winchester, LLC

Located in the Design District of Dallas

Physical Address: 
143 Express Street
Dallas, Texas 75207

Mailing Address:
2001 Irving Blvd Suite 143
Dallas, Texas 75207 


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Tony Logan

Tony is our CAD designer.  He also handles 3D Scanning and wax model printing for all custom jobs.  (Typically you will work through Kenneth for CAD and design questions)

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Tom Voelker

Tom does all our product photography, video, and web design.  He also takes care of local deliveries.


Curtis Winchester

Curtis is our shop manager and head jeweler.  He also specializes in hand carving and hand engraving.

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Shelley is our office manager.  Contact here for information and details regarding repairs, invoicing and billing, due dates, and general questions.